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Where can one download the legit copy of bitcoin core software with hashes to verify?

Where can one download the office bitcoin core software? The bitcoin software that everyone is using. Just typing in "download bitcoin" in google, its quite confusing for newbies as you have bitcoin....
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Is there a way to report/shutdown a Bitcoin Criminal/Bad-Actor?

I received a SPAM/Phishing/Blackmail email demanding payment to a specific Bitcoin wallet. BTC: 15vUqauqHybEPvXYLv97WW4XwM2YHXYC1d How can this criminal be shutdown? If legal action is ...
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Did Blockchain just ripped me of my bitcoin?

I just completed my backup phrase security setup with blockchain after I was prompted to click finish. As soon as I click it the account confirmed a transaction I did not do transferring almost all my ...
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Someone stole my bitcoin. Help?

I have been a victim of a phishing attack today, and the perpetrator stole my bitcoin hosted at I have an IP address that the attacker used. Is there anything I can do? Any info would be ...
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Should you protect your Bitcoin address like your credit card number?

Today, I recieved this scam email: We have reached the biggest milestone in our history – over a million wallets. https://[removed] will celebrate with some big prizes. In October 2013, ...
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What does this phishing website compromise?

Earlier this day, I have received an email saying that there is a buyer for my localbitcoins advertisement: However, the link shown actually links me to: ...
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