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Questions tagged [phoenix]

Phoenix is a mobile Lightning wallet developed by ACINQ.

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Trying to open directly...Device open failed

Ubuntu 13.10 & xorg.conf created by # aticonfig --initial -f --adapter=all Thereafter, i modify it with next /etc/X11/xorg.conf Section "Module" ...
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How do I throttle mining in Phoenix 2.0 to keep my cards cooler?

I need my rig to run slower (silent during the day) and full speed at night. i've figured out a way to replace the config file every x hours but I can't see what settings will actually slow it down. ...
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How do I install Phoenix 2 on Mac OSX Mountain Lion?

I'm trying to install the latest version of Phoenix2 on Mac OSX Mountain Lion (on a Macbook Pro Retna) and unable to get it to work What works: The BitMinter client says OpenCL works on my CPU and ...
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Help setting up phoenix miner on Ubuntu 12.04 - getting a seg fault

I'm roughly following this guide. The only big difference is I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 and I used the latest version of the ATI Drivers. (I have the same cards as the guide, 2x HD5830's) When I try ...
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Under what circumstances would a server submit new work to a miner?

This is asked in a context to better understand why a submitted share by a miner might be rejected. I know when a new block gets solved that would require a work update, which is approximately every ...
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Miners dogpiling on one device

I've built a mining rig running Ubuntu 11.10 with 3 Radeon 6850 GPUs. When I run ./ without any arguments, it returns the list of available devices as... [0] Barts [1] Barts [2] Barts [3] ...
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How can I participate in a mining pool that is mining Litecoins?

To date I've only participated in mining GPU-optimised crypto currencies. I wondered what happens when I pointed my GPU miner to a Litecoin mining pool worker, Litecoin being designed to be optimised ...
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