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How would PTLC's change invoices?

I am wondering how would switching from HTLCs to PTLCs change invoices? I assume there would not be a payment-hash anymore, but what would replace it. A payment-point? Also, is there already support ...
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Taproot PTLC: Non-Multisig partly timelocked spending conditions

(Taproot environment) What I came up with is the following logic: $alice = A; $bob = B; pk($bob) || (pk($alice) && older(10)) (See on Minsc). I looked at the generated / resulting Bitcoin ...
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Can PTLCs and HTLCs be mixed along a route?

When PTLCs get introduced on the Lightning Network, do all hops along a route need to use just one of either HTLCs or PTLCs, or would it be possible to create a route where some nodes use PTLCs and ...
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Is Z-man's PTLC construction implementable using libsecp256k1-zkp?

In a mailing list post Z-man details a PTLC construction which he claims is "is almost entirely a MuSig ritual". My question is whether this MusigTweak is what is called the adaptor (last argument of ...