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Regarding the practice of switching between different mining pools in order to maximize personal profits at the cost to other miners in the pool.

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3 answers

What is pool hopping?

What is pool hopping and how do pool hoppers affect other miners? Are there ways to prevent it?
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Pool Hopping Math

It's been discussed and argued at great length whether pool hopping is ethical, but there is no debate about whether it works - I even have some first hand experience that says it increases mining ...
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2 answers

What are the problems with naive pool sharing mechanisms?

@David's comment on this answer suggests that naive approaches to mining pool management don't work. What attacks are possible on such naive approaches, such as every miner gets a share proportional ...
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Can an SMPPS (Shared Maximum Pay Per Share) pool be hopped?

I've looked at the way SMPPS (Shared Maximum Pay Per Share) payout schemes work, and as far as I can tell, there is no significant way to hop such a pool to advantage. Yet I've seen several people ...
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