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What determines how long a HOLD invoice will be held before it times out and is forced on chain?

How long can a HOLD invoice be held before it times out and is forced on chain? Is there a way for the receiver to define a minimum timeout requirement in the invoice in order for it to be ...
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What if someone locks some bitcoin with a script which only requires a user to know a preimage, but it matches the p2sh template? [duplicate]

The basic script for a lightning network HTLC output has a conditional branch which requires a user to know a preimage of a hash. It also requires the user to give a valid signature, but it got me ...
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Do payment trial and error attempts in LND use valid preimages?

In mastering the lightning network, the following paragraph describes a facet of pathfinding The pathfinding mechanism implemented in Lightning nodes is to first create a list of candidate paths, ...
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