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Questions tagged [price-volatility]

Collects questions concerned with the stability and volatility of the exchange rate of Bitcoin.

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Cryptographic "Central Bank" [duplicate]

Is it possible to create a bitcoin-like system that has a central authority? I know that the reason that many people like bitcoin is that it is completely unregulated, but I was thinking that a "...
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How do goods & services sellers manage price instability?

How do retail outlets manage the massive price instability? Are they really repricing every second with 25-50% spikes and drops over 24 hours? How much does it cost to maintain accurate prices? ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Is it possible to create a cryptocurrency that has a fixed value? [duplicate]

I like Bitcoin for its ease of use and security. It makes "money" transfer fast and easy, however a lot of people are afraid to use it because of its volatility, Would it be possible to create a ...
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Is price volatility necessarily a bad thing?

Discussions of Bitcoin as the potential basis for a future global monetary system often point to the currency's price volatility as a shortcoming. Fiat currencies, by comparison, are (mostly) a lot ...
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8 votes
4 answers

Can there be dollar version of bitcoin?

Why can't there be a p2p software that works like bitcoin but you load it with dollars? Can't something be made that's just p2p dollar transfers and not deal with a speculative new currency and its ...
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Mining in a down market

Is there something in the design of the bitcoin system that prevents this scenario? The price of bitcoins drops by 80% (or some number) for some external reason. The profitability of bitcoin mining ...
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How can bitcoins be used for daily currency if their value changes erratically?

If Bitcoin was the worldwide money system... Suppose that you work and save your bitcoins, to purchase something big like a house or car, but the value fluctuated like crazy, as the stock market does....
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Pricing bitcoins

Bitcoin functions as a a quasi-commodity currency and I believe it can be priced according to particular factors, variables, instead of simply by the supply and demand in the exchange order book. The ...
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is bitcoin stability by securitization possible?

Bitcoin is subject to high volatility with little means of hedging. The available ways of hedging being to be short or buy puts on VERY ILLIQUID exchanges that contain no market participants, no ...
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What are the obstacles to pegging the value of bitcoin to an established stable currency?

Many people will not touch bitcoin due to it's historically extreme volatility. Many new currencies have pegged their value against an established currency until such time as it is sufficiently ...
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Why are the mining rewards set to reduce in such dramatic steps?

The mining rewards are scheduled to drop from 50btc to 25btc. The next drop again will be from 25 to 12.5btc. In each of the steps into a new "era" the mining reward is reduced by 50%. This seems ...
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5 votes
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Could a futures market be included in the Bitcoin protocol?

One of the most common reasons I hear that Bitcoin is "not ready for prime time" is that because of its wildly oscillating valuation businesses can't accept bitcoins without becoming speculators. In ...
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Can the price of Bitcoin ever be stable to the USD?

It seems like the only way to sell BTC for products/services is to have the BTC reflect how other currencies are doing. I'm not great in economics but can it ever be stable?
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