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Private key formats are standardized or commonly used methods of encoding information required to store, import, and export private keys. The wallet-import format (WIF) system is the most commonly used, but other formats such as mini private keys continue to be used in niche or application specific cases.

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sweep 52 Character private key beginning with L

I'm trying to sweep an unencrypted private key, created with 4 years ago into, Electrum. I also gave these to family with small amounts on, so need to figure this out before I go down ...
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bitcoin-cli WIF from xpriv, descriptor outputs clarity

Questions Is it possible for the bitcoin-cli command to extract WIFs from a ranged descriptor with a derivation path? If a descriptor is ranged it must have a xpriv key? If a descriptor has a xpriv ...
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convert Bitcoin Core' xprv to Electrum zprv

Goal: after creating a descriptor wallet in Bitcoin Core for automated e-commerce order processing, setup a backup Electrum wallet for the market owner with the ability to sign. Steps: Create a new ...
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Private key of 44 chars? (old wallet)

I'm trying to sweep some coins from an old ( wallet. I decoded the wallet I have and it gave a private key as a 44 char alphanumeric string starting with 9. This doesn't seem to be a ...
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How to decrypt MultiBit private key with 128 bytes line and 52 bytes line?

I want to recover my bitcoin private key stored by MultiBit. I've written down private key as text while using MultiBit classic. I don't remember how I get the text of private key. The text consists ...
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Import 256 bit private key

Can I import a 256 bit private key in a Wallet (binary format)? Or do I have to convert it in another format?
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Working Implementations of BIP85

Can anyone point me to working implementations of BIP85? The only one I'm aware of is the Coldcard Wallet implementation.
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Why isn't importing wallet.dat as straightforward as it seems it should be?

In most of computerdom, an app's File dropdown menu has an Import item that permits selection of a file to import into the application. This would seem to be an obvious feature to include in a ...
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Re: Old bitcoin address fro BCH and BSV claiming

I have a BTC address from 2013 when I bought my BTC, it is a paper wallet (the BTC have been moved), but I want to claim my BCH and BSV (Is this correct I can also claim BSV?) and move it to my trezor....
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Convert private key to integer

I have a random private key (compressed or uncompressed) 5HpHagT65TZzG1QDbnQCzdudnpknN7nA1SLEt4ZcxsH2SV92yqt or KwDiBf89QgGbjEmUcXPRwPuKPFnFECvJkvovGNiyjaujMCrQXy98. How do I convert this private key ...
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What is the private key format?

I wasn't aware of a private key format, however numerous stackoverflow posts hint towards a formatting of some kind Format of private key Which private key format is this? What encoding or format ...
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Is the Mycelium HD wallet private key stored encrypted on the device?

haven't found details on that in the net. My concern is that I'm using a corporate (bring you own device) phone. We have to install a "security" app running with administrator rights. IMHO this app ...
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Mini private key, PBKDF2 rounding

There are two formats of mini private keys, one is based on SHA-256, other on PBKDF2. In the instructions for decoding the second one, we read: "The iteration count is determined as follows: 2 ^ (n/4)...
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