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Questions tagged [project-fork]

A fork is a project that spins off from an existing project and heads in a different direction.

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How to fork Bitcoin with ease [duplicate]

I want to create a fork of Bitcoin which I can mine and have a wallet to send to another address to learn more about how Bitcoin works. Is there a very easy way to do this? Like can I just fork the ...
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Most Energy-Efficient Way To Reactivate Disabled Operational Codes (Opcodes)?

Currently, there exist a number of operational codes (opcodes) within the bitcoin protocol that have been disabled for security reasons. These script functions of the bitcoin protocol were taken out ...
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Blockchain gets stucked if no blocks are mined

Yesterday I decided to fork a project, just for fun and to learn more about it. So, I forked a project, I generated my own genesis block, changed timestamps, nounce, keys, reset the min chain work. ...
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Forking Bitcoin how to prevent a 51% majority attack

Lets say I fork Bitcoin, to lets call it StackCoin. How do I prevent a 51% majority attack when miners are not in abundance? Would I have to setup a lot of miners to create the infrastructure of the ...
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2 votes
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Hard forking a blockchain to new codebase? [closed]

Several years ago, I forked Litecoin as a hobby project just to get some experience working with crypto code. I generated a new genesis block and mined some for fun I never really messed with it ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to access my Segwit2X currency using private key after the hard fork?

How can I access my second Segwit2X currency, if I own private key, but my wallet does not support Segwit2X currency? Is that private key universal for every wallet? I mean if I can access my BTC or ...
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What are the next forks of the Blockchain that have been announced?

What are the next forks of the Blockchain that have been announced? When will they occur? Where can you be kept updated? Many thanks for the replies! David
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10 votes
1 answer

What happens to coins after Bitcoin Cash fork?

I'm new to Bitcoin and I read that there is a fork going to happen on Aug 1st to create Bitcoin Cash (BCC). From
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3 votes
1 answer

GitHub won't let me fork Hivemind, maybe something about sidechain repos

On my GitHub page I have a fork of bitcoin/bitcoin. The project Hivemind seems interesting, and I want to check it out. When I try to fork it GitHub tells me that I already have a fork of it, and ...
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3 votes
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When did litecoin fork bitcoin?

I'm looking for the git tag of Bitcoin at the time of the fork as well as litecoin after the fork
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