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This tag should be used for questions regarding how Proof of Work works and Proof of Work algorithms. Proof of Work is a scheme where a 3rd party can verify that someone performed at least a certain amount of work to produce something. This is used in Bitcoin mining.

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Probability of Orphaned Blocks

This is a question regarding the probability of orphaned blocks depending on the block interval. I am using Bitcoin vs Litecoin as an example. Assuming equal hash rate and number of transactions, ...
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Do multi-PoW currencies open up additional attack vectors on a blockchain?

I'm curious if there have been any technical evaluations of the vulnerabilities of cryptocurrencies that utilize more than one proof of work algorithm - for instance, myriadcoin or huntercoin. ...
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Proof-of-Stake: How to ensure immutability of the blockchain?

In Proof-of-Work, a miner tries to solve PoW puzzle based on the hash of previous block, such that in case of changing block B_i, all blocks after that (blocks B_i+1, B_i+2, ...) are no longer valid ...
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What are the differences between POW, RPOW and hashcash?

What are the key differences between Satoshi’s Proof-of-Work, Hal‘s Reusable Proof-of-Work and Adam Back‘s hashcash?
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How does mining work on a technical level?

I want to make a scrypt/sha256 miner for Bitcoin and altcoins in C to learn more about how mining works in Bitcoin, altcoins and learn more C. getblocktemplate gives some data that is needed for ...
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security of the mining algorithms litecoin vs bitcoin - scrypt vs sha256?

how is the cryptanalysis' current state on both sha256 and litecoin's scrypt? is litecoin's scrypt on a security level like sha256? by security i simply mean ways to "break"/"de-cipher" the hash ...
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How to check that Genesis Block has valid proof of work using CheckProofOfWork() function?

I have been learning the ins and outs of the bitcoin source code over the past 3 months but I can say I have not fully mastered it yet. I wish to understand how the genesis block is validated using ...
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What's a good repo to fork if you want to create a blockchain like a "Math" coin or Curecoin. (mining equations, not hashes)

I want to create my own crypto currency and I want to know what's the best github repo to fork when it comes to making a blockchain that's based off of getting the miners to do mathematical ...
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Why is randomness needed in Proof-of-Work?

In Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining, a miner that contributes 10% of the network hash rate will on average receive 10% of the mining rewards. "On average" means that 10% of blocks are mined by ...
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Can Scrypt be reduced to SHA256 proof of work?

Interested because if a reducer exists then Bitcoin mining pools would be able to use a fraction of their hash power to assert dominance on altcoins by regularly deploying 51% attacks on the altcoins ...
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In a closed, working test network, how would I generate a signed block that a Bitcoin miner would otherwise create?

I have a POC where the essential, critical, priority goal is to use C# and the .NET Core Framework (Bouncy Castle for crypto, or Microsoft primitives for BigInteger ) where I do the following Accept ...
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How often should a mining pool be notifying workers about new work (cancelling current jobs)?

I'm trying to get a handle on the Stratum mining pool protocol. If I set up a mining pool client, I will initially get something to work on. Let's say it takes me a while (e.g. an hour) to solve the ...
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Validation methods beside POW etc

Are there other concepts for the validation of the next added block to the blockchain beside POW, POS etc.? Of cource there are, but is there a methode that is shining out of the mass? A methode that ...
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