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What is the required input for python-bitcoinlib getrawtransaction command?

I am running a bitcoin node on my machine, fully synced with RPC commands enabled, rpc server live and txindex=1. In the command-line I can run the following RPC call and obtain the information ...
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Error Validating Segwit Transactions using Python Blockcypher API: Error Running Input Script

As the title states, I'm trying to send a Litecoin transaction using the Blockcypher API Python SDK, and using Bitcoinlib for key management. I have extensively reviewed the documentation and source ...
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How to set change address with python bitcoinlib

I am using python's bitcoinlib to try and set up payments where a client sends funds to a server and then sends requests signed with their key as proof that the request came from them. The server ...
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Bitcoin Transaction Builder in Python

is there a python code that helps build raw bitcoin transactions (Legacy and Segwit)? I have seen javascript but not in python.
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Cannot import python-bitcoinlib into a simple script

Im writing a simple python script to connect to a local bitcoin node and list transactions. I created a virtual environment with: virtualenv bitcoinenv And then activated: source bitcoinenv/bin/...
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BlockCypher API signature bitcoin transaction Error

I'm trying to make a bitcoin transaction using the BlockCypher API and I'm getting an error when I try to sign the transaction. This function creates an unsigned transaction: def buildTransaction(...
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How to get unspents using the private key of the bip84 wallet

Maybe my question is stupid, but I really can't figure out why when I use the bip44 private key, it works, but if it's bip84, it doesn't from bit import PrivateKey, Key import bitcoinlib my_key = ...
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Creating an OP_Return TX with Python bitcoinlib

How can I create an op_return TX with python bitcoinlib? The transaction should include the OP_RETURN HEX-Data and an address where I send my change money
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python - No module named 'bitcoin' on Ubuntu using WSL on Windows 10

Which version of python should I use? When running pip3 install python-bitcoinlib I get 'Requirement already satisfied'. I run on Ubuntu using WSL in Windows 10. I have this error: >>> from ...
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How to create SegWit address from mnemonic in Python 3.8.10

I am having trouble creating SegWit address from mnemonic. I can't find any useful code to do that. I tried using BitcoinLib but I don't know how to disable saving wallets to disk. EDIT: I found ...
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