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Could the Bitcoin Core descriptor wallet recover and start spending UTXOs by only scanning the UTXO set?

In the case where you import a previously used BIP32 seed into a Bitcoin Core descriptor wallet, at the moment if I understand correctly, the only way to recover the UTXOs and spend them is by first ...
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Can I Replace An Old Wallet.dat File In Bitcoin Core Before It Fully Syncs?

I have an older wallet.dat file I'm trying to re-open in the latest Bitcoin Core version (0.20.1). Once I replace the empty wallet.dat file with the older one: Do I need to wait for the entire ...
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Switching between pruned and non-pruned blocksdir ok?

Is it ok to swap the nodes blocksdir upon restart without corrupting sth. cache etc.. I have two blocksdir: one locally pruned blocks, the other external with all blocks in blocks on usb drive. Id ...
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