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Questions relating to how particular transactions can be undone or replaced.

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How do I get my Bitcoin transaction confirmed? [duplicate]

I had a Bitcoin transaction reversal done from Cash App. And they paid the lowest fees so it has been sitting in the block chain now for over a month and it is not confirmed. How do I get it confirmed ...
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I WAS SENT BITCOINS IN A WRONG ADRESS ( the last digit is missing in the adresse )

i sent my wallet at coinbase to the sender today 355CXardXvii8T4MNbBaQbfJD7YQNdUf5a but the sender sent to a wrong adress 33 digits missing the 34th digit 355CXardXvii8T4MNbBaQbfJD7YQNdUf5 will the ...
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Bitcoins sent to wrong address [duplicate]

I've make a mistake: unfortunately I've write my Bitcoin(s) from The Ledger to a wrong unknown adress. Is there any way to recover this mistake ?
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Bitcoin Fraud/Recovery Protocol Proposals

Does Bitcoin plan to implement any Fraud/Loss Prevention in their protocol? I just read a story of how Brokerage Exchange Shapeshift, and Internal Employee stealing private keys from their customers. ...
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I transfer bitcoin to someone i don't know , [closed]

i make a mistake and transfer my bitcoin to someone I really don't know who is how could i get back the money ? لقد قمت في ارسال المال لمحفظه شخص انا لا اعرفه كيف لي ان استرد المال ؟
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Undo a transaction to a wrong adress

I made a transaction to a wrong adress. How can I find where the transaction reciever has an exchange adress? Transaction: Completed BTC 0.10951991 2021-01-02 23:25:18 Adres:...
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Reversing network hashpower

I'm reading this article by Vitalik Buterin on Problems in Cryptocurrency and don't quite understand what this means: Ideally, after some number of blocks (perhaps logarithmic in the total size of ...
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How can I reverse a Bitcoin transaction mistakenly sent to the wrong address?

I bought a bitcoin cash at a place called Bithumb in Korea and mistakenly copied the bitcoin address and sent it to the wrong. Obviously my fault is, but the fact that I can't get the cancellation ...
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Bitcoin automatically diverted to bech32 address

I sent bitcoin to an address starting 3Cn using Electrum but the blockchain viewers seem to show that it has gone to an address beginning bc1 as shown in the link below. Transaction Viewer How can ...
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Are sellers more vulnerable to fraud than buyers when doing business?

The Bitcoin white paper says: Completely non-reversible transactions are not really possible, since financial institutions cannot avoid mediating disputes. ... Transactions that are computationally ...
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How to get my bitcoin back

I have copied and sent bitcoin to the address that I have found on my blockchain wallet only to find out its not mine. So is there anyway I can get my bitcoin back?
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Is it possible to reverse a confirmed transaction? [duplicate]

I have been scammed by a so-called "trading account manager", he kept stalling until he told me my account had a problem and needed to be "rectified". Then, he told me I had to pay $300 for that, so I'...
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How long does it take for an unconfirmed transaction to reverse?

I have had an unconfirmed transaction for 1 week. Will this transaction automatically reverse or do I need to do something?
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Can I revert a transaction by removing it from the receiver's mempool?

I accidentally sent a payment from my address to my Bitcoin Core address with a really small fee (5 satoshi/byte). The transaction is still unconfirmed, for 4 days now. I heard Bitcoin ...
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can I recover the change of a TX?

I was reading and I have a question, if you please can help me. I send 0.00335 BTC in this TX: bf3eedc1929042444e62badaf885a8dd49333c31ff40d023175a90da241ec2e0 and I see the 0.00335 as spent, but the ...
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Why can bitcoins never be refunded unless the receiver agrees to send back the money?

I have used a number of ecurrencies and they all seem to share what I've never understood about BTC, which is that once it is sent, it's gone. Often BTC are sent but legally should be refunded, but ...
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Unconfirmed Transaction, what can I do? [duplicate]

I sent a small amount of bitcoins from my electrum wallet. I control both addresses either side. the transaction can be viewed here
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Can I cancel a transaction that has not been successfully broadcast yet?

In Bitcoin Core, is it possible to cancel a transaction whose status is: "Status: 0/offline, has not been successfully broadcast yet" The client hasn't caught up with the network. It looks like it's ...
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How do I get my bitcoins back if they got sent to an incorrect address?

I loaded my localbitcoin wallet with a total of $100 - I did 2 separate transactions. The first time I added $50, I tried to send half of it to cardrockcafe but it never showed up, so I tried to add ...
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I want to block my transaction [duplicate]

I made a payment to somebody and now he is not replying me regarding the product I made the payment for and think its a fraud. So I want to block the transaction. All I have is the QR code of the ...
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Refund a transaction send twice

By mistake, I have send second time 0.09923 BTC to bitcoin address: 15qMMPEa4M26XX4KqXxrvD5yjNwfETg3Hx via transaction id:0a5c7ea12bd84b1dfeea4972d6415c28d6846d83c5fb00f56cf4f6d20c05f4da I did the ...
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I have sent a person some bitcoin. He never sent me the goods. How can I get my funds back?

I have been scammed by a person and I want to dispute a bitcoin transaction.
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How many transaction and btc have been cancelled?

How many btc have been transferred in orphan blocks, but then never included in any later block? How many btc have been transferred in zero-confirmation transactions that have never been included in ...
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How can an unconfirmed transaction be removed from the memory pool?

Using Bitcoind and Json-RPC, how can I remove an unconfirmed transaction from the memory pool? The scenario being that I want to remove the unconfirmed transaction because it's not getting confirmed, ...
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Is there a standard procedure for refunding Bitcoin transactions?

I work for an online retailer, and we're currently testing a Coinbase payment implementation for our checkout. One of our big concerns is being able to send a refund in the event that we're unable to ...
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How can a Bitcoin consumer and a Bitcoin seller mediate disputes?

Since Bitcoin payments are non-reversible, what technical and business solutions are there to mediate issues such as Product wasn't as expected Payment was double spent or in an invalid chain etc... ...
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Bitcoin-qt to no confirmations [duplicate]

I sent 2.4 BTC from the vanilla bitcoin client to my wallet. The bitcoin-qt client didn't ask for any fees and sent instantly. In transaction details it shows 0/3 confirmation and no ...
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I've sent a small low priority transaction with insufficient fee with wallet, what will happen next?

I've sent a transaction which has a <0.01 BTC output, with zero fee using Android client. It is not being relayed (violating memory pool rules of bitcoind). What can I do to recover ...
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How long does it take on average to receive one confirmation? Is it still reversible?

Hi! Based on your experience, how long does it take to receive one confirmation for any given transaction which has payed the standard miner's fee? Is it still reversible? Thanks!
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Is it possible to cancel an unconfirmed transaction?

If you submit a transaction to the network but it hasn't yet be confirmed by a block, is it possible to cancel this transaction?
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Double spend attack by sending higher fee transaction directly to the pools possible?

The standard client prioritizes TXs by the time of receipt, e.g. a conflicting transaction will not be relayed. This is not enforced by the network, though. Is there anything that would prevent this ...
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How does the network determine whether to replace a transaction?

Further to this question, how does the network determine whether to accept a new version of a transaction as a replacement transaction? Could an attacker replace transactions maliciously?
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What are checkpoints?

I often read that checkpoints protect the network from a 51% attack because an attacker cannot reverse transactions made before the last checkpoint. How exactly does this checkpoint mechanism work? ...
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What can be done to mitigate the risk of a Finney-attack?

Related Question: Would a reduced block generation time make the Finney attack more difficult? I understand that the Finney-attack is the main reason why accepting a zero-confirmation transaction ...
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Can a bitcoin transaction be reversed from the receiving end?

I know this seems like a duplicate of the question 'Can a bitcoin transaction be reversed?' but none of the answers there were explicit enough as they all seemed to assume reversal triggered from the ...
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Can a bitcoin transaction be reversed?

If I sent bitcoins to someone, but then want to cancel this transaction after it was already made (like a chargeback on a credit card), is this possible with Bitcoin?
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