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How to explore ripple ledger? [closed]

I'm running a ripple node on my own server, and try to conduct some analysis to the balance of all ripple accounts. Thus I need to synchronize the ledgers and analyse them. Currently, my server has ...
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Difference between Bitcoin blockchain and Ripple ledger?

The Bitcoin blockchain stores history of transactions. Blockchain blocks are interconnected via pointer to previous hash. Meanwhile, the Ripple ledger instead of transactions stores account info such ...
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Ripple: only a sub-network reaching a consensus is largely enough to be decentralized&secure system? [closed]

I spent a while reading ripple protocol, specially the consensus process, the protocol works based only on a sub-network ( from a huge network) reaching a consensus for the current state, it's ...
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What's the size of the last Ripple ledger and the indices to search through it? [closed]

What is the size of the current ledger and all indices required to efficiently search through it or query it? Also, how will this size grow relative to the number of Ripple users? Side-question: what ...
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Why is Ripple's effective genesis ledger at 32570? [closed]

The documentation for Ripple says that the genesis ledger starts at 0 but the "effective genesis ledger" is at 32570, because some historical ledgers are "unavailable." Why is this, and what does it ...
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How does Ripple synchronizes its ledger? [closed]

Bitcoin decides on a global clock by the blockchain - every mined block is another tick of that clock. In Ripple, there is a global ledger that keeps advancing in time - the ledger number keeps ...
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