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Is there some kind of USB antenna I can buy to be able to use Bitcoin even when there is no Internet?

Let's say they cut the Internet tomorrow. I will still have my private keys on my offline computer, but I won't be able to sync the blockchain (as won't anyone else) nor would i be able to make any ...
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0 answers

Please explain how to configure a satellite for btc payments with blockstream via space

Blockstream has its own satellites in the space orbit, right. So , as I understand, there must be very special requirements met for your satellite to be able to do transactions through space. Not ...
2 votes
1 answer

Are there really Bitcoin Core nodes running in space that were launched by Blockstream?

I've read about Bitcoin core being powered in space inside a satellite and streaming down the bitcoin blockchain back down to earth. What has been discussed so far and timeline for this to go live for ...
5 votes
1 answer

Is possible to send transactions with blockstream satellite?

Noob question here. Is it possible to send bitcoin transactions using Blockstream Satellite node or is it used only for receiving blocks?