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Questions tagged [securities]

Questions about various tradeable financial assets. DO NOT USE FOR QUESTIONS ABOUT SECURITY.

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Do I need to register my shiny new Crypto with some agency if I want to pay someone with it? [closed]

While I am guessing that, as most anyone can create a crypto and sell it or accept it as a form of payment, that it would be legal to give crypto as a form of payment (as bitcoin originally did with ...
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Where and how can I buy shares in bitcoin? [closed]

Where can I buy shares of bitcoin? I have exhausted all due diligence as to where I can invest in Bitcoin.
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What is S.MPOE-PT?

Just a stupid question to make sure I get this right ... am I correct to understand that: S.MPOE-PT is a "security", traded on the platform. The security is a passthrough for another security,...
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What Bitcoin Securities / Stock exchanges are around?

As a historical user of GLBSE I thought the concept was brilliant. Sadly that did not end well but many more have appeared. appears to be the most popular. Which other stock ...
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is bitcoin stability by securitization possible?

Bitcoin is subject to high volatility with little means of hedging. The available ways of hedging being to be short or buy puts on VERY ILLIQUID exchanges that contain no market participants, no ...
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