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Questions tagged [segwit2x]

SegWit2X was a failed hard fork attempt designed to increase the block size limit.

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How to recieve bitcoin fork (segwit2x) on binance?

I cannot find any area on that shows the new bitcoin hard-fork (segwit2x) funds, any input?
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Share blockchain data between bitcoin-core and btc-1

I am currently running a BTC-1 node and would like to setup an additional core node before the November fork. Ideally, I would avoid the need to resync the entire blockchain again. Is it possible for ...
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Will I be still getting segwit2x coins if I store BTC in my desktop BTC wallet

I'm with three exchanges, one says they don't support BTG and therefore user should withdraw their BTC before Nov 16th's fork takes place. Another one says they will issue 1:1 segwit2x. The last one ...
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After the fork, can I send my BTC out of Binance when it has not yet implemented the B2x wallet?

Binance has committed to support the B2x fork. Before the B2x fork, I sent my BTC to Binance to wait for the fork. A day after the fork and after it has crossed the block, can I send the BTC from ...
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