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A virtual currency exchange that does not require a login.

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How do services like ShapeShift generate new addresses

I found that ShapeShift generates new address for each transaction. How do they do that? Is it possible to exchange the coins in the same manner as ShapeShift do, but without the creation of new ...
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New address generation on exchange services

Services like ShapeShift generate new addresses for each transaction. It is not clear how to they do that. I didn't find any API that supports address generation for such a big amount of coins like on ...
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How to exchange bitcoins held in electrum to ethereum?

How to exchange Bitcoins to Ethereum through or, from Electrum bitcoin wallet to Jaxx ETH wallet? In electrum wallet do I need to subtract the Bitcoin mining fee manually, ...
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2 answers

Any other sites for exchanging bitcoin for ripple apart from shapeshift and changelly?

I want to buy some ripple using bitcoin, but shapeshift sets a minimum for the transaction that is way above the initial deposit of 20 XRP necessary for an unfunded ripple wallet. At the moment of ...
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Cancelled: You need some ETH in the same address as your token to pay the gas to send it

I have a problem in exchanging my altcoins, when i tried to convert TokenCard to Ethereum it is showing the following message: Cancelled: You need some ETH in the same address as your token to pay ...
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Shapeshift + bitcoin cash question. The deposit link expired before the deposit reached it [closed]

At first, the transaction stayed unconfirmed, and then, four hours later, it had one confirmation, and now, two days later, the blockexplorer says it has 247 (?) confirmations, but the wallet still ...
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How does ShapeShift operate on 0-1 confirmations

ShapeShift can exchange user's crypto currency almost instantly. They state that most transactions don't require any confirmations: Small deposits are processed with zero confirmations. Larger ...