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Questions tagged [sighash-flags]

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Which wallets are spending P2TR with SIGHASH_ALL?

I noticed there are quite a lot of transactions spending taproot key path inputs that use SIGHASH_ALL instead of SIGHASH_DEFAULT in signatures (around 20% in the last two weeks). Recall that ...
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What is the transaction hash preimage for different values of SIGHASH (not SIGHASH_ALL) in P2PKH?

I have a few questions regarding the transaction hash preimage when signing with different values of the SIGHASH flag in the case of the P2PKH script. I know what the transaction hash preimage looks ...
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Which SIGHASH type we have to append at the end of the trimmed transaction in OP_CHECKSIG

how to know which sighash type we have to append to the trimmed transaction at the time of input scripts verification, take referance from the below example { "version": 2, "locktime&...
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