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Sigop count and its influence on transaction selection

This question was inspired by this recent mempool phenomenon: some transactions were left out from blocks even when they had a competitive fee-rate simply because they had a positive sigop count and ...
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Is the sum of sigops in the transaction details returned by getBlockTemplate not allowed to exceed 2000?

I invoke the getBlockTemplate interface using SegWit. The sum of weights in the returned transactions data is 3991625, and the sum of SigOps is 20037. Each time, I package all the transactions ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is OP_CODESEPARATOR disabled in Bitcoin and if so why?

OP_CODESEPARATOR is used in the Bitcoin script language to mark the beginning of signature-checked data. However, the given operator never found its real practical use case. So, is the given operator ...
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How many sigops are in the invalid block 783426?

On April 1st 2023 F2Pool mined block 00000000000000000002ec935e245f8ae70fc68cc828f05bf4cfa002668599e4 (full block) which my node failed with bad-blk-sigops. Bitcoin Core stops counting as soon as it ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What is sigop (signature operation)?

I've seen the term sigop in many places frequently. I've tried to figure out what does it mean by searching, and found that it's abbreviation of signature operation. But it's still not clear to me the ...
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2 votes
0 answers

What is the historical number of sigops?

What is the most convenient way to calculate the total number of signature operations in Bitcoin history?
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Transaction signing and security: Different signing approaches

I am currently studying for an exam and reviewing a past one from the CS 251: Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies course in Stanford with the following question on transaction signing. I have written my ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Miner transaction selection - how are sigops considered?

There is a limit on how much a block can sigop (set to 80000?). There is also a limit on how much a single transaction can sigop (set to 16000?). It thus seems possible (and if it's not possible, the ...
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What is the O(n^2) signature hashing problem and how does SegWit solves it?

One of the many benefits of SegWit is that it solves the O(n^2) signature hashing problem. What exactly is the O(n^2) hashing problem and how segregating signatures to separate witness field solve it?
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Signature digital algorithm in bitcoin, to what will it change in the future?

in follow-up to the question: 85202 There, @Ugam Kamat wrote ""ECDSA is the first thing that can get vulnerable with quantum computer. signature will need to move to post quantum world much before ...
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1 answer

Creating a raw bitcoin transaction and signing it with the private key using php and javascript

I have a full bitcoin core node setup and would like to use it to just "broadcast" my signed transactions. But what is required to make a raw transaction using PHP and Javascript? The variables I have ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How are sigops calculated?

How are sigops calculated on a transaction? For example in the (randomly selected) following transaction: It says ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What does "16: mandatory-script-verify-flag-failed (Non-canonical DER signature)" error mean?

What can this error mean? I've read through the code for it, and several of my transactions have not met the criteria for the error, yet are still rejected. I've tried decoding via several means (...
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3 votes
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Do sigops count towards the block weight in SegWit?

I was just rereading the SegWit benefits page and noticed that the section Moving towards a single combined block limit contains an example in which sigops count towards the blockweight. Did this ...
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