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Questions tagged [signrawtransaction]

A command or procedure call provided by Bitcoin-Core that allows a raw transaction to be signed using keys provided or keys in the wallet.

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1 answer

How to create and sign a segwit transaction using any npm pacakge

So I am using this NPM package ( ) to create and sign a Bitcoin legacy transaction locally and it was working fine for legacy. But when I tried to do the same ...
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signing input for spend funds locked by this script

Please explain how to sign input for raw transaction with privet key corresponding to 1st or 2nd public key in this script "asm": "OP_IF 1694275749 OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY OP_DROP ...
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0 answers

conditional spending from P2WSH address

What im doing wrong? Sinse I found out that Bitcoin is programmable money Im trying to use it potential. Using this site I’ve created a ...
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RPC to sign PSBT with private key

What is the PSBT related RPC which works similar to signrawtransactionwithkey ?
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1 answer

Can we sign a psbt raw tx having multiple inputs created from BTC node with bitcoinjs lib?

Due to secruity reasons, unavailablity of private keys on my end and as per project requirements I need to build back end apis where I will provide a PSBT raw transaction hex (having multiple inputs) ...
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0 answers

Sign a Partially Signed rawtransaction with bitcoinjs-lib

I was trying to figure out how to use the bitcoinjs-lib. I was thinking if I could sign a partially signed raw transaction in bitcoijs-lib. For example - If I have a hex String whose input1 is ...
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1 answer

How to sign a transaction using multi signature using bitcoind?

I created a multisignature address using bitcoin-cli createmultisig 2 '["...
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How to Sign Bitcoin Transaction from two or more children wallet in HD wallet

How can I handle a situation where I have bitcoin on two or more different wallets with a single phrase, how can I sign the two transactions to a friend. Example: I have 2BTC in a wallet address that ...
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