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What does the US government do with seized coins?

It was reported today that the US government shut down the web site Silk Road, where people bought and sold things (allegedly including illegal drugs) using Bitcoins. The operator was arrested, and ...
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How much would it cost for a government to undermine Bitcoins?

Articles by for example the Economist stating that Bitcoins are being used for drug trading (Silk Road), I believe that the biggest risk to Bitcoins is that a government will pull a stunt similar to ...
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What is the "silk road" and what does it have to do with bitcoin? [closed]

I have read a lot about the silk road and I am still unsure what it is. I went to but it just says that the site is down.
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Do forum or website exist where can buy things not usually sold with bitcoin?

Something like "wanted" classified advertisements is needed. Silk Road only sell offensive merchandise, no method to post wanted ads. Interested in purchase electronics, other legal unobjectionable ...
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With SilkRoad shutting down, and BitCoins being seized, what does this mean for bitcoin? [closed]

Over the past 2 days, it has come to light that the online market place SilkRoad has been seized by the FBI. Also, they have seized $3.5m worth of BitCoin (which must've been in Escrow). http://www....
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How many BTC were seized in relation to the shutdown of Silk Road?

I'm interested in the total amount of BTC that was seized in the Silk Road confiscation by the FBI. The reason I'm interested is so I can figure out what Bitcoin Addresses were used and how I can ...
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If most G20 nations ban bitcoins, would that effectively kill bitcoin?

If the G20 nations (or most of them) ban bitcoins doesn't this effectively kill bitcoin? My thinking is that a normal person would no longer have any means of converting bitcoins to the local currency....
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How did Silk Road work when it came to delivering product anonymously?

A lot of times, people say Bitcoin is anonymous, but I know most transactions can be easily traced using IPs that used ewallets and by making connection with other bitcoin addresses. So with that in ...
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How do we distinguish between BTC and BCH in an address? has recently published an article about the DOJ seizure of Silk Road-related funds. The article states: From 1HQ3, 101 BTC were sent to BTC-e, the defunct Russian exchange. About 69,370 ...
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How do I monitor and track the legal proceedings of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht?

I'm interested in tracking the litigation, timing of hearings and other matters relating to the case against Ross Ulbricht. What website, or resource would have up-to-date information of upcoming ...
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How difficult is it to determine the owner of some bitcoins? [duplicate]

When Bitcoin was making the media waves back in 2011, a lot of it focused on the anonymity aspect of bitcoins, the hacks, and the illegal contents of the silk road onion address. From my limited ...
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