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Questions tagged [simplicity]

Simplicity is a work-in-progress programming language proposed as a more flexible and expressive alternative to Bitcoin Script.

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1 answer

Difference and resources for Miniscript and Simplicity?

I have read about that it is a language for writing Bitcoin Scripts in a structured way, enabling analysis, composition, generic signing and more. is helpful but ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How is Simplicity better suited for static analysis compared to script?

Quoted from the whitepaper, one of the design goals of Simplicity is: Provide formal semantics that facilitate easy reasoning about programs using existing off-the-shelf proof-assistant ...
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1 vote
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Is it possible to design a recursive covenant opcode that results in a full node stuck in an infinite verification loop?

Is it possible to design a new opcode enabling recursive covenants that could result in a full node stuck in an infinite loop of verifying transactions? (Obviously this would never be considered for a ...
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