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Questions tagged [soft-fork]

Should be used for questions regarding softforks of the bitcoin blockchain

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Why hasn't Graftroot been part of the covenant soft fork discussion thus far? What are the downsides to this proposal?

I haven't heard much about Graftroot in the context of the covenant/vault discussion since around the time the Taproot soft fork was being finalized. The idea was initially posted on the bitcoin-dev ...
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Could the Lightning Network encounter any problems as a result of Taproot activating?

I was reading this excellent write up from Laolu Osuntokun on how the light client protocol Neutrino encountered a Taproot related issue on testnet. (Taproot is already active on testnet.) Could the ...
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Why is BIP133 listed as 'Draft' when it has been implemented for years?

BIP133 is listed as 'Draft' but it has been implemented since v.0.13.0 Is there anything preventing it from being labelled as 'Final'?
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Is a replay-attack-proof soft fork possible?

Say there is a soft-fork. A is the chain that implements it, B is the chain that has a transaction that's valid pre-soft-fork, but invalid post-soft-fork, so it's following the old rules. We know that ...
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Questions RE soft forks

I’m trying to understand how the Bitcoin network works a bit better and the main thing I’m having trouble with is forks, particularly soft forks. I have a few questions about how exactly a soft fork ...
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How could be useful the softforks field that provides the RPC command getblockchaininfo?

When I execute the command getblockchaininfo I see useful information but I don't understand how to be useful the information that is displayed through field softforks, the example below: bitcoin-cli ...
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Miners and Nodes: what are their role in protocol updates?

What are the different roles of miners and nodes for protocol updates (governance)? Which group is more important?
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