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Sparrow is a Bitcoin wallet for those who value financial self sovereignty. Sparrow’s emphasis is on security, privacy and usability. (

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Sparrow Wallet only partially supports Taproot?

Sparrow 1.7.1 I decided to try out the Sparrow Wallet. Since Sparrow supports P2WPKH, P2WSH and P2TR I created one of each and verified that it was connecting to my Bitcoin Core node. However, I only ...
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Really strange issue when trying to connect Sparrow Wallet to Bitcoin Core

I am really loosing my mind on this. I am actually not a technical noob but also not the very best technican. But things like this should actually be very easy for me. What I want to do: I just want ...
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Sparrow wallet suddenly not connecting to Bitcoin Core

I setup a node running Bitcoin Core on a Windows PC and connected Sparrow Wallet to it from another Windows PC on the same local network. This worked fine for the last few weeks but now suddenly ...
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Running Electrum In a Docker Container

I'm using the Sparrow Wallet and would like to run the Electrum server with Docker. I've tried these, but didn't have luck (I am a developer who has used Docker before, but I didn't have a lot of time ...
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Solution for P2SH non-standard derivation paths

Creating P2SH (Nested Segwit) addresses from an imported BECH32 (Native Segwit) XPUB, when running Bitcoin Core (pre-2020 software) wallet (as watch-only, with private keys disabled) can lead to non-...
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Setting Up Multisig Correctly

I'm looking into setting up a multisig setup using Sparrow, and wanted to see if anyone can find any flaws in my set up, and potentially accessing my funds if I lose a key. set up = 2 of 3 Key store 1 ...
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How to connect Sparrow wallet to Bitcoin Core on a different machine but the same network

I have a Raspiblitz set up on a Pi 4 and am trying to connect Sparrow wallet to Bitcoin Core from another machine on the same network. I have read through the instructions at but ...
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Connecting A Wallet To A Pruned Node

I’ve connected Sparrow Wallet to a pruned Bitcoin node but none of my UTXOs are showing. I would imagine that since I haven't spent them and since pruned nodes still keep the entire UTXO set, my ...