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Questions about stable coins are off topic.

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I do accept bitcoins as a way of payment on my website. How could I stabilize value of accepted bitcoins to usd?

I have a website which accepts bitcoins (and other non-stable coins). The amount of ways to accept coins is pretty big: from btcpay to some proprietary solutions. But I do care about volatility of ...
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What is Stablesats?

What is Stable sats and how actually the entire process happens behind the scenes without fiat integration or without stablecoins?
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The purpose of USDT (and other stable coins)?

Any institution that trades cryptocurrencies is not classified as a financial institution by definition. Therefore, any exchange involved with cryptocurrencies only is not subject to financial ...
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What benefits does Bitcoin have that other cryptocurrencies do not?

I have heard several times Bitcoin being called "the king of crypto." It makes sense when you look at how the coin surpasses all the altcoins in terms of market capitalization and trading volume. No ...
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"stable-coins": A formal definition?

In crypto-currency news, we might heard about term of "stable-coins". Can we define a stable-coin as follows: A crypto-currency that is pegged to a fiat / formal currency to minimize the ...
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Stablecoin / Fiat trading [closed]

I was exploring recent crypto news and it seems that i don't get a point in the stable coins trading. Is there any logical reason to trade (with leverage) stable coins over fiat?
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Stable coins differences? (USDC - Coinbase / Circle, GUDS - Gemini, TUSD - Trust Token, PAX - PAXFUL, USDT - Tether)

There has been a release of many stables coins recently. What are the differences from each? So far I know that Tether (usdt) is based out of the US banking system and everything else is in the US ...
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