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How can I get stealthVersion from bitcoin's source code?

I found that a library called Bitcoinkit use stealthVersion. Network.swift public class Mainnet: Network { ... override var stealthVersion: UInt8 { return 0x2A } ... I tried to ...
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How to transfer BTC balance when I have Private Key? [duplicate]

I have BTC public address and privatekey with balance. Can I Transfer the balance for another address?
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2 answers

Dark wallet stealth address

Please can anyone recover my coins from a dark wallet stealth address, how do i go about recovering the private key?? i have the seed but i don't know what derivation path the stealth addresses are ...
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Stealth addresses how does recipient use the bitcoins?

I've been reading on what stealth addresses does: Sender generates unique address using the recipient's stealth address for every transaction If multiple senders send bitcoin to recipient, then ...
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Testing BIP47 test vectors

BIP47 is a new secret-sharing protocol which succeeds BIP64 (stealth addresses). The test vectors are here. I am stuck on part 2.iv. We multiply S0 = B0 * a0 (...
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Generate addresses without private key: Stealth addresses vs Master Public Key

In my case a store owner has different POS terminals. On none of the terminals should be a private key stored! The owner has one wallet, where he wants to get all transactions aggregated, done on the ...
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Stealth address in technical level

Lets say user A wants to send bitcoin to user B stealth address. What is exactly user B's stealth address? Is it his public key? Since User A needs to multiply his private key with user B's public ...
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Best way to mix bitcoins? mixer, coin join (shared send), dark wallet, stealth addresses?

When you want to anonymize a few hundred BTC, what would be the best (safest) way? I can think of these alternatives: Deposit to and withdraw from exchange (like Kraken, Bitstamp, etc)Pros: ...
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Stealth address transaction example on Bitcoin's blockchain

I am looking for an example transaction on Bitcoin's blockchain using stealth addressing. I am brainstorming how stealth addresses would be used amongst normal addresses in combination (whereas ...
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colored coin possible with ring signatures and stealth addresses?

It is understood that colored coin is possible with stealth addresses, but what about ring signatures such as how they are used in the cryptonote protocol (Monero, Bytecoin)? I feel like coloring the ...
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