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How do I set up a long-lived lightning channel for accepting bitcoin donations?

I want to set up a long-lived lightning channel to accept bitcoin donations. The plan was to open a channel with a capacity of 2.5 mBTC (currently valued around ~100$), "reverse submarine swap&...
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The cost of restarting a lightning channel

I have some questions about the cost of maintaining a lightning channel between two people. For this question, let's assume that the blockchain mining fee is $1 per transaction. Question 1: Suppose ...
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How is coinswap different from submarine swap?

What is the difference between a coinswap and a submarine swap?
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Trustless Lightning-to-Bitcoin Swap?

Submarine Swap is a trustless swap between Bitcoin (L1) and Lighning (L2). I understand the process of trustless swap from BTC to LN (aka. Swap In, Loop in, or forward swap), but I would need help ...
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c-lightning missing outputs

A few days ago I did a submarine swap in order to rebalance a channel of mine. I opted to be refunded on-chain using a brand-new address generated with c-lightning newaddr command. I used the p2sh ...
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Can Submarine Swaps be incorporated into a Taproot/Scriptless script?

I was looking for ideas on how to use Submarine Swaps with Taproot/Scriptless Scripts. But I couldn't find anything. I can imagine that it would trivially be possible to incorporate a Submarine Swaps ...
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