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Mining- New Supply of Bitcoin

Is new supply of bitcoin only brought about due to miners selling their mined bitcoins or does the mining process distribute bitcoin back into the system in addition to the miners reward/transaction ...
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How do we know that Bitcoin supply is actually capped at 21 million?

Everyone says that the Bitcoin supply is capped at 21 million. But how did everybody come to this number? In Nakamoto's paper, I could not find this number. Can someone explain where it is or how we ...
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If hashrate falls for other main chains, will we be brave enough to enforce higher fees?

If in low inflation future users refuse to voluntarily pay high fees and reward is too low and for some reason network computing power (A.K.A. hash rate) falls, can we then expect consensus would try ...
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How can we trust supply won't be increased in 2140 by just a few lines of code?

How can we trust supply won't be increased by just a few lines of code?
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What does verifying a fake transaction mean?

Dear China: please ban bitcoin mining. Four large Chinese mining pools control almost 60% of bitcoin supply and could in theory collude to verify a fake transaction: Goldman
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Get the historic circulated suppy

I'm looking for the historic circulated supply of Bitcoin. I'm aware I can get the current supply by creating my own node. But I need the supply at a given date. Does anyone know of an API to get it....
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