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Can I transder USDT to either ERC20 or TRC20 addresses? [closed]

I have some USDT in an exchange and I want to deposit it to another, I have 2 options of depositing to either an ERC20 or TRC20 addresses, does it matter to which I send it to? Will I lose my funds if ...
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Is it possible to recover stolen funds from the scammers wallet? [closed]

Im a victim of a bitcoin scam. The scammers gave me a fake wallet address and stole all my USDT. Since im new here im trying to increase my reputation to be able to comment and ask questions to ...
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Can someone explain why I only received 1 output (24 cents) from my transaction ($3,253.29) [closed]

Hash 0608854cc459dd9b126b20b9a605ea0ed877500a4a92e31ece6b08e3aaeaf937 I sent ($3,253.29) USDT from cryptonator to my BTC coinbase wallet and I only received 24 cents. Can somebody please explain what ...
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The purpose of USDT (and other stable coins)?

Any institution that trades cryptocurrencies is not classified as a financial institution by definition. Therefore, any exchange involved with cryptocurrencies only is not subject to financial ...
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how can i coding wallet to build exchange to client withdraw

i want to build a cryptocurrency exchange so my question how is best way and secure way to depositing and withdrawing clients ? should i use api like or https://www.blockcypher....
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missing USDT transaction in Copay or Bitpay Wallets

I have a missing transaction, a guy sent me a bitcoins USDT, on his side we can see the money went out and the transaction is confirmed, on my side the money are not at my wallet, what I can do, here ...
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Stable coins differences? (USDC - Coinbase / Circle, GUDS - Gemini, TUSD - Trust Token, PAX - PAXFUL, USDT - Tether)

There has been a release of many stables coins recently. What are the differences from each? So far I know that Tether (usdt) is based out of the US banking system and everything else is in the US ...
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Combining a Bitcoin transaction with one address holding USDT, but no BTC and using another address with BTC to pay for the fees?

I have a Bitcoin address that contains USDT, but NO BTC in it. So I cannot even send the USDT out. But I have another bitcoin address that does have BTC. Can I somehow combine these 2 addresses where ...
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I sent some USDT Tether to a Bitcoin Paper Wallet. Can I still claim it back?

I sent some USDT Tether to my bitcoin paper wallet. I have the private key, but how do I extract my USDT from this paper wallet? I also have some left over BTC too.
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Tether USDT raw transaction unsigned

I'm not using omnicore by RPC calls, I dont want to put a server up and make those RPC calls, I want to make a simple transaction on the TetherUS(USDT) network, this is my code: const ...
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Transaction stuck in the Omni layer

A friend of mine accidentally transferred USDT from Binance to GDAX ... and apparently it's stuck in the Omni layer which handles these types of transactions. However GDAX is not looking for them and ...
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How can I transfer tether(USDT) using omni JSON RPC API?

I looked for the information but I couldn't find that. It seemed to be done as I always do for Bitcoin though. Any idea?
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What happens if you send tether (USDT) to a bitcoin address?

I have both a GDAX and a Binance account. I chose to withdraw my tether and move them into GDAX into the bitcoin address. After about an hour of the transaction, it said it was complete with "10 ...
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