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Meaning of this part of the Bitcoin Ticker Display?

When looking at the Bitcoin Ticker site: I see the part of the screen pictured below. I'm having trouble understanding what this is presenting. Can ...
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Why do exchanges provide ask/bid transaction data like the NYSE and NASDAQ? provides a very slick, very active display that purports to be all the ask/bid transactions on several exchanges (Gemini, Kraken, Coinbase, and others). Where does it get its data? ...
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With the btc price changing every second, how can you accurately display conversion to fiat currency?

So the ASK price of BTC is constantly moving -- every second. I'm trying to build out a simple UI where the user can enter in the amount of BTC they want to buy, and then display how much that will ...
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How to determine EUR (or USD) price from Poloniex Ticker?

Poloniex has for me a strange ticker content. Rest API URL: I have no problem with other plateforms to determine an immediate price, for example EUR /...
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How to get an average bitcoin to USD price from different sources [closed]

I created a very simple php function to get the current price of bitcoin to USD here, //get from coin market $getCoinMarketPrice = getPrice('
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Decimal points in bitcoins

I would like to know if there are more than one decimal in bitcoin numbers. While playing online slots with Bitcoin, I hit a big win for 100900 x 5 credits totaling 5207.17.The total was displayed as ...
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confusion about open/close values on 1800 seconds periods

I'm pulling tickers from Poloniex using this python API wrapper, with intervals of 1800 seconds. I get back dictionaries that look like this (here I show two consecutive ones for 'BTC_XRP'): {'close'...
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where can I get realtime ticker data for robots?

I am writing a trading bot and concerned about rate limits. I need realtime notifications for change in price either like a PUSH api service. Bitfinex appears to be the only major exchange that ...
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Does any exchange provide API to call callback function on each transaction?

Does any exchange provide API to call callback function on each transaction? I would like to build a auto trade platform based on the tick event, but instead of pulling the price, I would like to use ...
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Bitcoin Widgets & API [closed]

can anyone recommend the best api/widget for getting Bitcoin, Crypto Currency Charts, Currency Convert and tickers?
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Creating your own Bitcoin price ticker

Say that you wanted to build your own Bitcoin price ticker from scratch, and not rely on other tickers; how would you go about that? What variables would come in to play? How would you gauge the ...
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Where to find cryptocoins current price

How can I find API (json data) for cryptocoins current ask/high/low/average price. Is there any website that provides that ticker information for all coins. For example BTC/LTC ticker info is ...
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Why are ticker messages in the MtGox PubNub API repeated?

I'm using MtGox's PubNub API to fetch ticker data. I've subscribed to the BTC/EUR ticker with id 0bb6da8b-f6c6-4ecf-8f0d-a544ad948c15 . In more than half the cases when I receive a new ticker message, ...
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