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Questions tagged [tokens]

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A few questions on BRC20 [closed]

I'm testing BRC 20 tokens on bitcoin testnet and there are some points I don't understand. 1 => It seems tokens cannot share a common name. For example, there cannot be two different BRC 20 token ...
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How do I set up bitcoin.conf in Bitcoin Knots to stop spam and low value transactions?

Having run Bitcoin Core with Luke's patch and with permitbaremultisig=0 and datacarrier=0 in bitcoin.conf for a couple of weeks I finally decided to make a switch to Bitcoin Knots. The following ...
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2 answers

How do I customize Bitcoin Core's mempool policy so that low value transactions (ordinals, BRC-20) are not propagated by my mempool?

How do I customize Bitcoin Core's mempool policy so that low value transactions (ordinals, BRC-20) are not propagated my mempool? I compile my full-node from source, so I am interested in editing the ...
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Get balance and TXs [closed]

How to get balances and transactions of a Bitcoin address? - Devsuite
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Is the Taproot upgrade really essential for BRC-20 tokens on Bitcoin?

BRC-20 currently relies on the Taproot upgrade. I'm wondering how blockchains such as Dogecoin, which have Bitcoin as their predecessor and did not upgrade to Taproot, manage to support BRC-20. More ...
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3 answers

Is it possible to create a token on the Bitcoin blockchain?

If so, would this token adhere to the same principles as Bitcoin, such as halving events and mining techniques?
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2 answers

What is a physical bitcoin token?

In the bitcoin developer webpage, in the wallet page, more specifically at Mini Private Key Format it is explained what is mini private key format and what is its purpose. Mini private key format is ...
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Are crypto tokens a subset of cryptocurrencies?

I'm having a little bit of trouble with these terminologies regarding some crypto assets. From what I understand, cryptocurrencies are the superset; i.e. both crypto coins and crypto tokens are ...
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1 answer

Making and trading tokens with bitcoin like with solidity and ethereum metamask

So I've learned how to make erc 20 tokens using solidity on the ethereum blockchain and move them around with metamask. Is there a similar process for making bitcoin tokens and moving those around ...
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2 answers

What is Wrapped Bitcoin WBTC?

I have read on twitter that WBTC has solved bitcoin scaling issues. Is it true? I want to know more about WBTC
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What is spacechain?

I am interested in experimenting with layer 2 solutions like Lightning, Liquid, Rootstock etc. Is "spacechain" a new concept and how does it improve Bitcoin ecosystem? What are space chains? ...
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2 answers

Is there anything preventing Lightning Network from passing embedded data in OP_RETURN?

As long as you pay a BTC fee for all the routing node incentives and the last layer in the onion routing includes a transaction with OP_RETURN, wouldn't that allow using OP_RETURN for various ...
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3 answers

Implementation of tokens/assets/colored coins on top of bitcoin lighning nodes / channels?

I'm trying to research how tokens or colored coins would work on top of bitcoin lightning channels / nodes. Has any project tried to build token issuance on top of the Bitcoin lightning network? How ...
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