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How to use Wireshark to identify Bitcoin/Lightning P2P packets

I've seen that Wireshark can detect protocol packets like Bitcoin and Lightning Network, which are identified in the protocol column. However, my Wireshark is not classifying those packets, it just ...
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How do I set up a time-decay multisig?

I want to set up a multisig that requires fewer signatures as time goes by. Let T be some time in the future (e.g. a year from now). Before T, 2/3 signatures are required to unlock the UTXO (send ...
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Electrum's custom Base43 - looking for a 2-way deterministic hex converter

I am looking for a tool, suitable for an amnesiac offline air-gapped Linux Live host that will deterministically convert in both directions, between raw hex and Electrum's custom Base43 format, used ...
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Which tool can I use to calculate the best fee for a specific time?

Let's say I'm okay with a transaction to be included in a block in about 24h. The fee is obviously dependent on the network congestion. Which (online) tools can I use to calculate the optimal fee ...
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Any charts/bots out there for volumes going from private/unknown wallets to known exchanges?

To figure out if whales are suddenly moving their BTC or USDT etc from their private/unknown wallets to known exchanges. Or vice versa, if they're comfortable enough to move a lot back onto their ...
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Number of nodes and channels in Lightning Network?

(1) Is there any tool by which we can know the current number of nodes (participants as payer/payee) and number of channels in Lightning Network with an accurate estimation? (2) As a more advanced ...
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Online tool for calculating trading profits on multiple cypro currency pairs [closed]

I'm looking for a tool (preferably online) which would help me follow profits earned on muti crypto currency pairs. Take a look at the example below buy x_1 btc for y_1 usd buy x_2 eth for y_2 btc ...
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How can I get the private key from wallet.dat from 2011 Bitcoin software on WinXP?

I set up Bitcoin (application) software on a WinXP machine in 2011 and received some Bitcoin. I set the machine aside, disconnected from the internet. Now I want to access the 2011 Bitcoin. Lately I ...
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Is there any tool to extract the bitcoin transaction network from the blockchain?

I'm looking for a way to extract some data from the latest downloaded bitcoin blockchain. In particular I'm interested in extracting the whole transaction network, so input and output public keys used ...
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Are there any tools to visualize where the transactions are coming from and going to?

We spent some time doing the visualization of the transaction flow between bitcoin wallets and wanted to know if there are any tools that can not only track, but also ...
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Hourly price notifications on Linux [closed]

I'm running Debian & Ubuntu and I've been using this script running in a terminal for a while but I find I easily get obsessed with the price. Instead I'd rather get, say hourly, desktop ...
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Is there a place or tool to monitor all addresses for unmoved coins?

I've been looking for a way to easily monitor all address with a balance, that the balance has not moved/changed for a period of time (based on a criteria such as 1 year). Is there a site/tool already ...
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What is the longest known vanity address generated?

Anyone can generate a vanity address of arbitrary length with appropriate tools, it's just a matter of performing enough computations. What is the longest known vanity address anyone has generated?
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Are there any chart tools out there?

Are there any chart tools similar to the ones used in Forex trading available for Bitcoin users? The MtGox Live feed is nice and all, but it doesn't offer the functionality one would expect from a ...
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How do we know how many BTC have not been spent since being mined? Any tool to see this information?

I would like to know how many BTC have not moved from the block they were mined in - never transferred or spent. (With this information I believe could have an idea of how many BTC have been lost). Is ...
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What is BlitCoin?

I saw BlitCoin mentioned on this forum thread, but didn't understand what it was. Can someone explain what does it do?
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