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Is there any FLOSS tracing software like

I'm trying to investigate where I put some of my Bitcoin around 8 years ago. I was able to access the backups of Mycelium wallet which I had a SA private key, also find and import a Multibit HD wallet ...
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Why is a whale moving so many bitcoin permanently? [closed]

A whale moved $2bn in bitcoin 540 times in a short time frame. On Sep 10 someone consolidated bitcoin from 829 addresses into address 32ZHZYwYATJj8jtoFvUQ9HEz7UoWnLgG5U then he moved according to my ...
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When would I use USDT tracing over debugging? How do they compare and complement each other?

I am starting to learn about USDT tracing that 0xB10C hosted a PR review club on in May 2021 and is covered in this blog post. I am still a little unclear when I would reach for this tool (assuming I ...