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What money transmission licences are relevant to Bitcoin?

Tradehill was shutdown for various regulation issues, including not having the required money transmission licenses. What were the money transmission licenses that were required? What other ...
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What is the story behind Tradehill?

Tradehill used to be an important Bitcoin exchange, but it was closed earlier this year due to losing a lot of money to their payment processor. What is the full story behind Tradehill?
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389 views alternative?

I am constructing a small online store where I would like to accept BitCoins as payment. I have not had any luck running the Deamon on my server, so I was planning to use and then make ...
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Pricing TradeHill compared to MTGox

I've just launched a trading app that trades on MTGox and TradeHill. I'm noticing something strange on TradeHill though. Basically I get my quote and place an order directly after. The order never ...
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Best way to get the OID of an order created at TradeHill?

I'm working on my first trading script using the TradeHill API. I find it pretty annoying that the OID of an order isn't returned to you when you create a new buy/sell order. How exactly can you get ...
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