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The process in which every Bitcoin node checks every part of every Bitcoin transaction worldwide for conformance to standard rules and uses the complete history of all previous Bitcoin transactions to check that money being spent in a transaction has not previously been spent in any earlier transaction since the beginning of Bitcoin.

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How do i debug a bitcoin transaction

My main problem is understanding how to convert the response from bitcoin-cli "decoderawtransaction" to the script format i am supposed to put in the debugginng tool. i.e my problem is ...
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Transaction validation cost

what relation is between transaction size or a number of input and validation cost? for example, It's o(n) or o(n^2)?
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How does merkle tree verification of transaction work?

From what I have read, suppose B sends 1 bitcoin to C. C wishes to verify B's payment and asks C for the block number (location) that input transaction is located at. (Is this correct understanding/...
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Generating zero-amount transactions in regtest mode?

I'm setting up a larger test network of regtest nodes in which all of them should be easily capable of creating blocks and sending transactions. To this end, I'm looking for a simple way for the nodes ...
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Do Bitcoin miners verify validity of merge-mined Namecoin blocks?

I've been reading a little about merged mining as used in Bitcoin and Namecoin. It seems like merged mining effectively eliminated Namecoin-only mining pools, right? Since Namecoin-only pools are ...
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Final Balance -Balance showing different then Coinspot BTC wallet

Bit of a beginner question I have been using crypto wallets for a few months and have basically learned through trial and error. The question is my BTC wallet on Coinspot has a $0 and 0.0 BTC balance. ...
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bitcoin transaction spent but not received

I hope you are well. I had a weird transaction which was sent a few days ago, it now says spent, and received but has not changed my wallet balance, sent it from one exchange to another. When it is ...
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How to send an invalid transaction for testing purposes?

How could I send an invalid transaction—for testing purposes, such as with testnet or regtest? For example, I would like to to try to double-spend, spend non existent coins, etc.
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