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What does nVersion represent in Bitcoin transaction?

Have a few questions about the nVersion field in the transaction serialization format and they are related to the purpose of this field. What does this field tell us? In the sense that if it is ...
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When calculating the hash of transaction, why is the version used as "01000000" instead of "00000001"?

According to the protocol documentation for tx, the first field on the transaction data is a version number of size 4. Based on this, I am trying to format the array of bytes needed to calculate the ...
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Parsing blk.dat file fails, is this block legitimate?

I'm parsing in blocks from my local blk*.dat files, using this excellent website as a guide. All goes well until file blk00976.dat, block ...
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Why are OP_RETURN transactions discouraged? Does using version or locktime make any difference?

Why are OP_RETURN transactions discouraged? Are they paying less fees compared to other transactions? Will it make any difference if same thing is done using version or locktime when data is either 1 ...
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Version in transaction

Original transaction hex: ...
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Which is the correct value for Tx version in tx messages of bitcoin pcap? [duplicate]

Recently, I researched TX messages in the bitcoin protocol and captured some bitcoin traffic in which the version field of a TX message in a specific packet was 2. The Transaction page of the Bitcoin ...
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What does the transaction version byte mean?

What does the transaction version byte mean and what would happen if it was 02 instead of 01? Example: ...
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What is "version" used for in Bitcoin transactions? Does it have any meaning?

Some bitcoin transaction have version 2. For example, this transaction if you request a hex (by adding ?...
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What values are legal for the transaction's version field?

In the transaction's version field, what values are legal? What values have actually been seen in the blockchain?
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Is there any relation between the block version field and the one of the transaction?

I am struggling to validate my custom miner against the testnet network and I can't seem to add a block of mine to the chain. I've noticed that all the other miners are appending version 2 blocks, so ...
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Version field in transactions, blocks, etc

A field labelled "version" appears in many contexts regarding the Bitcoin protocol. Sometimes one uses the current version of the Bitcoin client (version message), sometimes 1 is used (block, tx), why ...
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