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Is there a limit on the number and size of script inputs when spending a script path in a P2TR transaction?

From BIP 341, Spending using one of the scripts: A Taproot output can be spent by satisfying any of the scripts used in its construction. To do so, a witness stack consisting of the script's inputs, ...
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Why is the discount on segWit data exactly a factor of 4 and not 5, 6 or something higher?

According to BIP141, the formula for calculating block/transaction weight is: BASE SIZE * 3 + TOTAL SIZE According to Bitcoin wiki (and also based on the above formula): Each byte of the segwit ...
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How to get transaction size as byte before send with Python's bit library?

I am using bit library to make a Bitcoin transaction. I can use methods like this: key.create_transaction([('1Archive1n2C579dMsAu3iC6tWzuQJz8dN', 190, 'jpy')]) or key.send([('...
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How is this 1 input 2 output tx larger than this 2 input 2 output tx?

I saw the following liquid transaction with one input and two outputs is byte-wise bigger than another liquid transaction with two inputs and two outputs. How is this possible? One input transaction (...
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