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This tag should be used for questions related to transactions. Transactions are signed messages regarding the transfer or generation of bitcoins. They are broadcast throughout the Bitcoin network and, if accepted, integrated in the blockchain.

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7 answers

What happens if I mistype the address when making a payment?

I sent bitcoins to an address, but I think I made a typo when I copied it. Where did these bitcoins go. Can I get them back?
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4 answers

How do I see the IP address of a bitcoin transaction?

How do I see the IP address that someone used to send or receive bitcoins with? Is it stored in the blockchain?
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9 votes
2 answers

Is there an easy way to search all the transactions?

Is than an easy way to search the list of all bitcoin transactions? For example to find all the bitcoins sent to or from an address?
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23 votes
9 answers

Can I send bitcoins with my mobile phone?

Is it possible to send and receive bitcoins with a mobile phone? If so, are there bitcoin clients for Android or iOS?
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7 votes
1 answer

How did transaction fees work in the version 0.3.24?

Is there a minimum transaction fee for every transaction? When do I pay a fee over the minimal fee?
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58 votes
2 answers

What are bitcoin "confirmations"?

When I receive bitcoins I see a certain number of "confirmations" in the client. What do these mean? Why do most sites make me wait for 6 "confirmations" before a purchase will go through?
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6 answers

How can I accept bitcoins on my website?

I have an online store and would like to begin accepting bitcoins. How can I go about doing this?
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37 votes
10 answers

How is it possible to launder bitcoins?

Some services, such as, claim that they can launder your bitcoins. Since all bitcoin transactions are publicly logged, how is this done? Wouldn't it be possible to trace back the ...
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64 votes
9 answers

How anonymous are Bitcoin transactions?

I read some sources that say Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, some that say they are semi-anonymous, and some that say they are not anonymous at all. In what ways are the transactions anonymous ...
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23 votes
3 answers

What happens when someone sends bitcoin to my wallet?

I didn't get it. Should my wallet be online? What if it becomes corrupted before I make a backup? Can I use my backup wallet that was backed up few days ago?
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