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Concerned with questions about the challenges and benefits of using Bitcoin during traveling.

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Is it possible to fly with AntMiner in a hand luggage?

Question maybe for But maybe Bitcoiners will know - have you ever flew with AntMiner in a hand luggage? Does airport security ask any questions?
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Keep Wallet Safe While Entering United States

I'll be traveling to the United States soon, and I've read that civil asset forfeiture laws may allow customs agents to take/keep crypto currencies. Is there an easy way to keep my wallet safe from ...
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Traveling abroad with my Ledger

In the next months I’m going to travel abroad with my Ledger Nano S. I’ll visit most of the EU countries, Russia, China, Brazil, U.S. and Canada. I’m an EU citizen. I would like to know which is my ...
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Has anyone here used bitcoins to swap dollars for pesos in Argentina? [closed]

I've seen some chatter online about using bitcoins as a workaround for Argentinian currency controls (see below) and I'd like to speak to people who have actually done that, whether it means ...
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What are the risks of in-person private currency exchanging for travellers?

This answer suggests popularity growth of people privately exchanging bitcoins for a physical currency, in person. This might occur in "coffee shops, hotels, hostels, hackerspaces, etc". An example ...
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Using bitcoin for international travel

Bitcoin as a meta currency seems very useful if travelling through multiple places using currencies. I had this very intention for when I travel around asia. What is the best method people have ...
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Using Bitcoin for Travel Purchases

BitCoin is (arguably) the world's best chance thus far at a virtual currency (although it's very unstable). Even though it's a high risk, it is able to be converted to regular dollars, and some shops ...
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