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Questions tagged [trust-wallet]

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0 answers

Sign unsigned transaction with TrustWalletCore Swift

I'm trying to understand how we can sign unsigned transaction in hex format. We use TrustWalletCore, I receive an unsigned tx in hex format, then we decode it to data with let dataToSign = Data(hex: ...
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0 votes
1 answer

My problem is that I can't send my BTC

I sent a certain amount of BTC from the exchange to my trust wallet. Currently, the wallet shows that I have 0.8 BTC, but when I want to send some from this wallet to other addresses, it keeps showing ...
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1 answer

Unable to send bitcoin from trust wallet getting Code 400

I tried to send bitcoin from my trust wallet to my Coinbase account and I received an error -26: Txn-mempool-conflict Code 400 I am a beginner so can someone help me with this
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