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Trust is when one party relies upon the representations made by another party such that the relying party would be harmed if the representations were inaccurate. Trust exists between users of crypto-currencies and the developers of the software they use, between mining pool managers and their miners, and between exchanges or e-wallet services and their users.

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What is the security and trust model of an Opendime?

Opendimes use some entropy on the device in combination with some entropy added by the owner to generate private keys directly on the device. Until the device's seal is broken, it is claimed to be ...
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Do wallets break trustless character of cryptocurrency transactions?

My question is, whether lite wallets and wallets in general break trustless character of cryptocurrency transactions or not? In case of a lite wallet, even I hold the keys, a blockchain itself is ...
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CTV real world usage -- How to trustlessly coordinate 1,000 people sharing 1 UTXO? And how many vBytes would be required for such an onboarding Tx?

Lots of CTV talk lately. I believe I understand the basic concept, which is that, say, 1,000 users could share 1 UTXO, while any 1 of those users can withdraw funds to the main chain at any time. So ...
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I have the phrase words but I donot know which words shall i insert to get my wallet back , what shall I do?

Trust wallet I have my 12 phrase but I am not able to get my trust wallet back
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Can one consider that the interest of other actors/stakeholders would change something about the concept of "blockchain"?

I am new to the Bitcoin world and am trying to get an overview within a research project. I see that Bitcoin was born out of a certain motivation to decentralize money and that decentralization, open ...
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TSA: Why singing hash(hash(data),t)?

Why does a TSA first appends the timestamp and hashes the combination of timestamp and data? This product is then signed and send to the client back with the timestamp. Why not signing hash + ...
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Is the whole idea of proof of work or proof of stake quite unnecessary and superfluous for cyptocurrencies?

I only have a vague idea of proof of stake, but I think I reasonably understand proof of work. In the case of bitcoin, the whole hash thing business has to be combined with a mechanism to increase the ...
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Examples of trustworthy ripple paper wallets?

Which are examples of trustworthy ripple paper wallets? I've been reading on the internet and I have found several websites for generating ripple paper wallets:,, gatehub, ...
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