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TumbleBit is a trustless mixing service based on payment channels and built around hubs.

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Finding mixed transaction

I have a hard time understanding how mixed transactions can be recongnized on the blockchain. Is this type of transaction a mixed one ?
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Would it be visible that someone moved bitcoins to or from tumblebit?

If I want to make a transaction with someone via Tumblebit, would it be visible on the blockchain? If a have a known public bitcoin address and I will move bitcoins from there to pay someone via ...'s user avatar
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What does the Payment Hub learn about its users in TumbleBit?

When a user participates in transactions on a TumbleBit payment hub, what does the payment hub learn about the user's transactions?
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Who controls the Payment Hub in tumblebit?

Who controls the "Payment Hub" in tumblebit? Is it another protocol or company or is there something else / someone else involved?
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What happens when you close a payment channel on tumblebit?

When you close a payment channel using tumblebit, what happens? Is the channel that you close always between you and only one other? Is the channel between you and any number of accounts/addresses? ...
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