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Is bitcoin script necessary?

satoshi created bitcoin script which is the language that the bitcoin client uses to handle most of the operations such as sending or verifying transactions. was it necessary to have another language ...
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Will BTC script be Turing complete in future?

I want to know if BTC script will have loops in it in the future?
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How does using a Turing-complete programming language compromise the security of the network? [duplicate]

I have read many places that the decision for Ethereum to use a Turing-complete programming language sparked a lot of concerns over security. From my understanding, not using a Turing-complete ...
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Does the alternative stack make Script Turing complete?

The wiki documents the presence of an "alt stack" in Script: OP_TOALTSTACK Puts the input onto the top of the alt stack. Removes it from the main stack. OP_FROMALTSTACK Puts the input onto the top of ...
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Is Ethereum essentially Bitcoin with Turing-complete Script?

Is Ethereum essentially Bitcoin with a Turing-complete scripting language and, if I understand correctly, where the script to be executed (not its hash) is placed in the Ethereum blockchain? If so, ...
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The Bitcoin scripting system is purposefully not Turing-complete - why?

Can somebody explain to me why the Bitcoin scripting system is purposefully not Turing-complete? To make malicious programs difficult to develop (I guess)? Or because it was difficult to make it ...
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Can Bitcoin incorporate the scripting protocols of Ethereum without a fork?

I am curious if the Bitcoin protocol can incorporate Turing complete scripting capabilities without forking the block chain. I ask this because I understand the ability to create contracts digitally ...
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Turing completeness of Bitcoin Script

For me, scripts are one of the most interesting features of Bitcoin. They provide possibilities which have no equivalent in classical currencies. However, the wiki states It is purposefully not ...
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