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confirm bitcoin node on

The Bitcoin Core 25 App has just finished syncing 100% on the Umbrel node. Within the App I confirm seeing new Bitcoin blocks arrive. Not sure why shows the following message: {IP Address} ...
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How to track down OOM?

Since a while LND on m Bitcoin Node is restarting weekly a I get an OOM: Feb 12 21:07:24 umbrel kernel: node invoked oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x100cca(GFP_HIGHUSER_MOVABLE), order=0, oom_score_adj=0 Feb ...
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Lightning Network snapshot via lncli describegraph only includes about half the network?

I pulled a snapshot of the Lightning Network via lncli describegraph with my Umbrel node in July 2022. Everything worked fine and I analyzed the snapshot: ~18k nodes ~85k channels ~4k BTC total ...
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Should my bitcoin core node be reachable before it has fully synchronized with the block chain?

I just set up Umbrel on a Raspberry Pi 4 and my internet connection is fairly lacking so the blockchain synchronization is taking a long time (currently it is at 1.65%). While that's going on, I'm ...
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Fund Umbrel lighting wallet with BlueWallet?

Just set up Umbrel node. How does one fund the lightning wallet? Besides funding the Bitcoin Core wallet and sending to the lightning wallet. I added BlueWallet and tried to send from there to my own ...
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Moving the Umbrel Bitcoin database to a new drive

I installed Umbrel on an old PC. I got ahead of myself and did it before I got a new hard drive. My internal hard drive isn't big enough to hold the entire blockchain. I got a new 2Tb external drive, ...
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RPC on Umbrel via SSH - some bitcoin-cli commands don't return value

I connected to my Umbrel full node from a terminal via SSH, and found that some of the bitcoin-cli commands don't return any value while others work fine. Some examples: Working - help, getinfo, ...
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How can I make my node a Lightning routing node?

I've spent some time setting up Umbrel on my rPi4, I've synced my Bitcoin Core wallet and funded two channels... Which I've now come to realize that's for me to make payments. I was really hoping to ...
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