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The rev*.dat files contain data needed to put the Bitcoin blockchain back to an earlier state. This is important for reorganizations.

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How can I collate blocks in blk*.dat files and rev*.dat files?

According to this answer, blocks in blk*.dat files and rev*.dat files don't necessarily appear in the same order, nor are either files necessarily in monotonic order, and blocks not part of the active ...
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Why are undo files needed in Bitcoin Core?

Undo files contain data needed to disconnect a block from the blockchain. It basically contains instances of CBlockUndo: /** Undo information for a CBlock */ class CBlockUndo { public: std::vector&...
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What are the use cases where very old rev*.dat files are needed?

There have been multiple questions on this but none, IMO, really get to the issue: Given: The rev*.dat files hold "undo" data for rolling back the UTXO state, block by block, and they're 1::...
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Undo files format change and reorg process question for v0.19

This is a follow-up question for rev.dat file format Pieter Wuille gave a great explanation that is easy to follow. Since that posting there was a replacement of CTxInUndo with Coin, does the format ...
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Is the ordering of blocks in the rev*.dat files same as the blk*.dat files?

I understand that blk*.dat files save the blocks in the order it gets them from it's peers. Is the rev*.dat files in the same order as the blk*.dat files? For example, would the 400th magicbyte in ...
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Are old rev*.dat file safely deletable?

based on this answer rev files contains information for dealing with reorgs. If I think reorg longer than let's say a month are highly unlikely, could I safely delete rev*.dat files older than a month?...
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File format -- rev*.dat

Can anyone help me to find out the format of rev*.dat file? There is an array with [F9BEB4D9 + 32byte number + variable raw data] for each element. What is that 32b number? And may be how to ...
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What exactly are the rev00000.dat files?

I've been looking at the on disk structured generated by the standard bitcoin-qt client. It looks to me that the rev?????.dat files are reverse application for blocks? So I imagine every single spent ...
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