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How to know that the account balance of a user needs to be updated after paying/sending an invoice?

Lets say there is a service in which users can have a few satoshis but are also able to deposite/withdraw satoshis by paying/sending a lightning invoice. Let us assume the service has some data store ...
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Who needs a copy of the entire blockchain these days?

As discussed in this question there is a news report today saying that researchers have found illicit files and information stored in the blockchain. In today's Bitcoin world, who needs the full ...
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Project on modelling Bitcoin blockchain data

I am doing a thesis project on modelling Bitcoin blockchain data, but atm I am having trouble getting data from the Bitcoin blockchain into a format that is easy to deal with in e.g. Python. I have ...
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How can I get the list of all bitcoin transactions?

I am currently thinking of doing a research project on Bitcoins. I want to download the list of all transactions of bitcoins. I was wondering what are the ways to do this? I believe I can scrape, but ...
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How do we know that a user owns multiple private keys?

I am reading a data analysis paper on bitcoin, and there is a phrase I do not get: We use the Bitcoin transaction data set obtained from Stanford Network Analysis Project. All Bitcoin transactions ...
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Is there are written code for mapping public address to an user?

I read about 2 theoretical ways we can do it 1) When a single transaction has multiple input addresses, we can assume that those addresses belong to the same wallet, thus to the same user. We should ...
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Using Bitcoin with MEAN stack

I want to make a web app that accepts and uses Bitcoin, complete with user accounts, bitcoin storage per user, etc. How would I go about hooking this up using MEAN? Is there a reference for setting ...
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2 answers

How to apply blockchaining to data?

I would like to apply blockchaining on unstructured data (any kind of data). I have seen BlockSign use similar concept to sign a document by storing a hash of the document in OP_RETURN block of ...
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How to best structure Internal bitcoin payments within a webapp?

I'm building out a pet project webapp called CollaboTree, a big part of it is allowing users to set bounties for completing/collaborating on little bits of work. I'd like these micro payments to be as ...
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Bitcoin user characteristic

I am starting with the execution of internet marketing activities for one Bitcoin gambling site that I owe, and I am trying to figure what best describes owners of bitcoin. Are there any ...
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Is there a Bitcoin casino that is willing to collaborate on some economics research? [closed]

Am looking to collaborate with the owners of some of the online Bitcoin casinos. I am in the process of designing some behavioural experiments to test for biases in Bitcoin gamblers. I will sign NDA ...
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What user data has been leaked from MtGox's database during June 2011 hack?

What user data has been leaked from MtGox's database during the June 2011 hack? Is the database still available for download anywhere, like it was almost a year ago?
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