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Questions tagged [utxo-committments]

Describes an idea to feature a digest of the full set of Unspent Transaction Outputs in blocks.

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1 answer

Would it be possible to sync a new node without it being connected to even one unpruned node?

There are some Proof-Of-Work chains where pruning is default on their nodes, i.e. the network does not rely on full unpruned nodes at all: Due to the pruning mechanism, Kaspa nodes only needs ~3 days ...
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1 answer

Can the hash of UTXO set be part of the bitcoin block header and consensus rules and in which cases?

This question doesn't have much logic in "reality", it's more theoretical about whether something can or cannot be part of consensus rules and in which cases. I know that the consensus rule ...
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Can the network confirm a utxo is from a wallet on a verified list [closed]

Given a business requirement of a verified list of wallets that the network has agreed on. can the network confirm a new type of utxo is from a wallet on this list and reject the new type of utxo if ...
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Is backward syncing viable for full nodes?

Currently, Every Bitcoin Core full node has to download the whole blockchain at least once. This situation is even worse if pruning is enabled - the user has to download the whole gigantic blockchain ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is reliance on a UTXO Set provided by other users dangerous?

One of the largest hurdles in my mind to increasing the number of full nodes operating is the startup cost related to downloading the blockchain. A similar but less important (in my mind) issue is ...
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