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Get utxos for an address without rescanning the whole chain

In order to gather the utxos for an address importdescriptors will rescan the blockchain. Is there another way to get all the utxos for an address / descriptor without having to rescan the block chain?...
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How would I go about consolidating my UTXOs from DCA? [duplicate]

In the past one and half year, I've amassed a collection of 18 Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs) through dollar cost averaging every month. Now, I hope to optimize these UTXOs by merging them into ...
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Is there an economic incentive to switch from P2WPKH to P2TR?

I have multiple times seen people argue that there is “no economic incentive” to switch from P2WPKH to P2TR. I know that the sum of input and output weight on P2WPKH and P2TR are very similar, but how ...
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