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How much something is worth (as opposed to how much it costs).

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Where do bitcoins come from and what gives them their value?

Where do bitcoins come from? From the video it appears they are just being produced by "miners" and sold to people. So who backs Bitcoin or gives it its value?
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What could be the consequences of many bitcoins being lost out of circulation if people lose their wallets?

If for some reason many people lose their wallet files then many bitcoins are effectively taken out of circulation. Seen as it's not possible to tell as far as i know if bitcoins are actually ...
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What factors affect the value of a Bitcoin?

Obviously the number of existing Bitcoins affects the value, but what else? What are some of the primary factors for a rise or fall in a Bitcoin's worth?
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What happens if I buy Bitcoins and the price goes down?

What happens if I buy Bitcoins and the price goes down. Will I lose a quantity of my money? Consider:
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What are the obstacles to pegging the value of bitcoin to an established stable currency?

Many people will not touch bitcoin due to it's historically extreme volatility. Many new currencies have pegged their value against an established currency until such time as it is sufficiently ...
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How to answer to whether Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme?

I was asked whether Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme as I was explaining Bitcoin. In support of the question I was presented with the following scenario. I didn't know what to answer. Let's assume Bitcoin ...
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Where can I find a graph of Bitcoin value vs USD for over 60 days?

Bitcoin Charts seems to only offer graphs of up to 60 days.
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What gives bitcoins value? A simple explanation please [duplicate]

I hear that miners solve math problems to secure Bitcoins... what kinds of problems? And why are the solutions worth "money"? Also, what does an exchange get in return for real money when they get ...
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Why did Bitcoin first start to gain economic value?

I am really having difficulty answering this: Why does a bitcoin have an economic value, such that there are people willing to trade US$ (or any other traditional currency) for these virtual ...
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Could the price drop between July and September 2011 have been caused by a bot?

In July 2011, 1 BTC was trading at above $10 USD. By September, the price of 1 BTC had fallen over 50%, and at the time of writing (October 2011) 1 BTC is trading around $2.50 - $3.00 USD. In a forum ...
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Could a futures market be included in the Bitcoin protocol?

One of the most common reasons I hear that Bitcoin is "not ready for prime time" is that because of its wildly oscillating valuation businesses can't accept bitcoins without becoming speculators. In ...
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Is it possible to collect bitcoins? (as a collectors item)

Is there any analogy to collecting BitCoins as there is in the physical world? For example, some notriety was given to the Pizza for bitcoin transaction here, and one of the answers was able to ...
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Where do these coins gain their value?

I have been mining coins for a long time (started with BTC/LTC years ago, moved to altcoins recently) and have realized I am not clear on the actual source of the value. Do the exchanges deem the ...
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Is there some way to estimate the proper value of one Bitcoin? [closed]

For example, if it is stock, there can be P/E ratio, or Price Sales ratio. For Bitcoin, are there some common ways people use to estimate the value of one Bitcoin?
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Does the value of my Bitcoin fluctuate automatically?

If you own a small amount of Bitcoin (say,$10) does one have to "invest" it somewhere for it's value to change or will the $10 fluctuate by just sitting in one's wallet and one can see the value ...
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Who decides the price of bitcoin?

Okay so I understand that bitcoin's price is increasing/decreasing by its utility, its rarity on the market, how it is publicly perceived, innovations, media, investors exc.. My question is, who ...
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How to predict value of bitcoin? [closed]

I was just thinking if its possible to predict bitcoin value. If so, what would be the parameters?
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