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How much something is worth (as opposed to how much it costs).

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Value of Product Based on Bitcoins

If I chose to accept Bitcoin as a payment for my product, and the price of the bitcoin goes up or down, then technically I am not getting as much for my product in the long run correct? Because the ...
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How to determine how many coins have been mined regardless of block count in main.cpp

Been working my way trough the main.cpp trying to see where this value is grabbed if at all. I need a way to check how many coins have been mined regardless of block count. For example if every ...
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Metcalfe's law for bitcoin price

Here's an inline link to article article the square function number of users times the average transaction value. 94% of the bitcoin moved over the past four years is explained by that equation. It ...
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How does the Bitcoin forex work?

Does it work differently in relation to a regular forex because of its underlying technology? How can the market calculate its value?
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